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The world of e-mobility is moving more quickly and dynamically than ever before. The industry must accelerate the development of lithium-ion batteries in order to enable longer distances and higher performance, as well as to increase battery life and lower production costs. The solution: Increased industrial production, which allows for simultaneous cost reduction and quality improvement through economies of scale, automation, and technological innovation, as well as resource and energy efficiency. Absolute precision is required when processing material webs to produce lithium-ion batteries to ensure a safe and high-quality product. BST addresses this issue through our diverse product portfolio, such as our inspection and web guiding systems. Our inspection systems can perform a variety of measurement tasks while also communicating their measurement data to web guiding systems. The result is high-end production with optimized processes – Perfecting your Performance.



BST Coating Control, our solution for quality assurance in the coating process, performs inspections of layer positions from top to bottom and in the transverse and longitudinal directions, as well as surface and edge inspections for all relevant coating options.



BST web guiding systems ensure that machine speeds are fully utilised and, at the same time, ensure that all daughter rolls are properly rolled up. In addition, the cut width of the individual webs can be monitored using the slurry or the web itself and can also be controlled via BST PROSolutions. This means that all deviations can be corrected before they become quality problems.



BST offers an extensive range of web guiding systems with various actuators, control devices and sensors that cover a wide variety of requirements. This helps stabilise processes, minimise waste and reduce downtimes.


BST offers solutions to position the material web exactly to the laser cutter and thus ensures that the tabs meet the geometric requirements of the base material for coating. With the "BST Shape Measurement" inspection solution, we enable the monitoring of the geometric relationships, which can also be fed back into the process via the BST PROSolutions visualisation and operating platform.



BST solves the task of winding by networking several web guiding systems. Doing this means the individual edges can be adjusted back in the event of deviations and the precise guidance of different webs can be ensured up to the point of winding.



When laminating and stacking (pouch cell), BST networks several web guiding systems with one another. This helps correct deviations from the target positions of the individual edges and ensures the precise guidance of different webs to one another. To ensure that this works to the highest degrees of precision even in the smallest of spaces, we recommend our uniquely flat FRAMEGuide web guiding system.


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