New Product: CLS CAM 100


State of the Art guiding means... No steering line

If it is not possible to guide according to a web edge, an additional steering line is usually printed on the edge of the web and later cut off again. The CLS CAM 100 makes this steering line obsolete, because the sensor guides reliably and highly precisely according to objects and motifs up to a web speed of 1,200 m/min. This saves material. With the CLS CAM 100, you reduce your waste and thus costs without having to sacrifice the highest guiding performance.


State of the Art guiding means... No trigger

Well, we admit that guiding according to objects and motifs is not new, but usually this requires a signal when the guiding criterion passes the sensor. Therefore, the Setup of a trigger signal is needed. This is different with the CLS CAM 100, which detects the control criterion by itself. This not only saves external hardware, but also time for installation, enabling simple and fast motif changes.


State of the Art guiding means... intuitive oparation

What's the point of having the best technology if its handling steals you of time and nerves? After all, technology should make our work easier and usability has therefore rightly become more importand in the last years. Using the CLS CAM 100 is as simple as possible. The guiding criterion is easily selected via touch display and the job installation is done within three clicks or touches.


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