Remote support for fast problem solving

Help desk

When the system comes to a halt unexpectedly, it is usually due to a minor problem. We are here to help identify the cause.  Our help desk responds quickly and works with your team to find a solution.  Troubleshooting can be done over the phone, via email, or by simulating the issue on one of our service simulators.

Employees are welcome to contact us directly. Please fill out the help desk support form  prior to contacting us. Remote maintenance is also an option. The service is billed according to the current service tariffs and the work recorded on the ticket. If you have opted for the help desk flat rate in advance, technical support is included free of additional charges.

Our help desk experts are available from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (CET). Our call center is also available around the clock to answer your questions.


Fast response times

Knowledgeable help desk staff with previous field service experience

No hidden costs with the help desk flate rate

Easier budgeting due to consistent costs with the flat rate

Help desk services billed on a case-by-case basis, with no flat rate

Fixed point of contact by product group

Installation and comissioning

Begin your journey with BST and benefit from a service package that ensures optimization of your new system and is tailored to you.


Service Agreements

Maintenance work is critical for customers with a high production workload. That’s why BST offers annual maintenance visits with three different levels of service.



Our service technicians replace worn parts and perform regular maintenance work.




Troubleshooting & optimization

When your BST systems are not optimized, this can lead to unwanted waste. That’s why our global service team is on hand to ensure the quality of your production.


In-house and on-site training

Our  trainingteam offers in-house training in our brand new showroom and training center in Bielefeld.



Our experience has proven that many of our high-quality products can be repaired. A system can be repaired and used for many years by simply replacing components.





Spare parts

Maximum performance is achieved when our system is regularly serviced and the necessary parts are replaced. If you have a defective component, our help desk can quickly identify and ship the correct spare part to you.


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