TubeScan digital strobe - For label print and packaging

TubeScan digital strobe

Introducing 100% print inspection that has never been as simple and cost-efficient as offered by TubeScan digital strobe.

From simple 100% web monitoring, detection of missing labels and matrix residues to high resolution 100% print inspection within a workflow – now you are able to realize all your needs with one modular system.

In addition to the general functions, the TubeScan digital strobe offers the following features:

  • Contour light to enhance the visibility of structures, wrinkles, bubbles, embossing, etc
  • The optional back light enables monitoring of the back print register 
  • Detection of fine print defects, register defects and large color variations
  • Relative distance monitoring based on edges or shapes
  • Automatic label contour detection
  • Inspection, validation and database comparison of variable data (barcodes, alphanumerical sequences, OCR)
  • PDF validation
  • PDF Toolbox
    a) for master image comparison
    b) import of inspection zones defined in pre-press, such as masking, die-cutting contours, secondary inspection zones, static or variable 1D / 2D barcodes and alphanumeric sequences"
  • QLink Press: Error data editing / storage in roll logs
  • QLink Rewinder: Further processing of recorded error logs on the converting machine
  • Placement control with defect queue for automatic control of converting machines

Customer benefit

Fast and easy job setup

Very reliable and stable operation

Many efficient tools for comprehensive quality assurance

Ensures print quality, thus minimizing waste

Avoids costly customer complaints

Modular system - configurable specifically for your requirements

Extremely cost-efficient

Perfect for these industries

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"The 100% inspection system TubeScan digital strobe can be installed on all common printing presses and finishing machines. It covers all requirements for inspection in label printing and packaging: Reflective surfaces, embossed structures, security features, clear-on-clear, barcodes, variable data printing, etc. are some special applications in which TubeScan clearly shows its advantages. More than 2000 system installations around the world speak for themselves"

Dr. Stephan Krebs, Product Manager & Inventor

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