BST 100% print inspection systems

100% Print Inspection Systems

Competition in the printing industry is hard, and the requirements are rising constantly. Exact control is the prerequisite both for quality printing products and satisfied customers. BST inspection systems monitor the print easily, comprehensively, and efficiently, for first-class print products. 100% inspection systems use one or more line cameras and constant lighting. The complete web width is captured line by line and displayed as a complete pattern on the monitor.

To maintain control over your print production, prioritize efficiency and reliability instead of relying solely on minimal inspection efforts. Explore the option of print inspection systems to bolster reliability. BST offers 100% inspection systems that guarantee thorough quality control, reliable defect detection and increased efficiency.


As costs continue to increase, customers are becoming more resolute in seeking maximum value for their spending. This highlights the significance of providing products that not only meet, but exceed their expectations.

Convenient, Comprehensive Monitoring

Using a print inspection system lets you get a full view of the products on the monitor, ensuring that you can see every little detail. Whether it’s a misprint, smudges, excessive glue or another flaw, it will be highly visible to you without the customer noticing it first.

Print inspection systems provide a comprehensive view of your printing process, enabling you to observe every minute detail. Whether it's a misprint, smudges, excessive glue, or any other imperfection, it becomes readily apparent to you before the customer detects it.



The simple and inexpensive entry into 100% print inspection.



The leading inspection system for digital printing that can be fully integrated into digital workflows.


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"With our reliable 100% inspection systems, you won't miss anything. But the best is, that they are flexibly adaptable for the respective application and quality requirement."

Volker Reinholdt, Product Manager

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