BST video web monitoring systems

Video Web Monitoring Systems

Production results must be checked on a regular basis as soon as the product is created. BST understands the extreme importance of quality control, one of the primary reasons it offers excellent web monitoring systems.

Monitoring your printed web in real-time is significantly more cost-effective than identifying errors later. Utilizing advanced camera monitoring enables a close and comprehensive view of the products, facilitating immediate problem detection.

Identifying defects in real time allows for immediate correction, minimizing the impact on production costs. Failure to identify defects early in the production process can result in a considerable financial burden. Web monitoring systems play a crucial role in safeguarding profits and maintaining productivity by addressing issues promptly.

Today's typical web speeds necessitate the implementation of automatic monitoring systems. BST video web monitoring systems monitor your printed web in a simple, fast, and efficient manner, even at high speeds. BST web monitoring systems strobe a specific area of the running material web and display the resulting image on the monitor during the process. This translates to less time and money spent, higher production quotas, and flawless results always.


POWERScope 5000

BST POWERScope 5000 is the economical video web monitoring system specifically designed for label printing and other narrow web applications.



BST PROView is the latest and modular expandable video web monitoring system with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.



The BST iPQ-View is the high-end web monitoring system with first-class image quality. Maximum control, for maximum quality.


Customer benefit & USP

The latest generation of digital camera technology

Timeless module construction – the systems grow with your needs

Comprehensive features, even in the standard version

Numerous monitoring and settings options

Quick installation and comfortable use

Simple user interface with multilingual on-screen displays and intuitively designed symbols

Perfect for this industry

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"At web speeds of several hundred meters per minute, it is simply impossible to maintain control with the naked eye. With our web inspection systems, our customers can regain this control. Our portfolio ranges from entry-level systems for narrow webs to high-end solutions for almost any application."

Volker Reinholdt, Product Manager

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