ECOGuide - The low-cost basis for your web guiding


ECOGuide offers a low-cost entry into the BST web guiding system range and is ideally suited for the web guiding of narrow material webs. With three different sizes and various configurations, the ECOGuide is individually configurable and extremely cost-effective to use. Thanks to its compact design and built-in controller, the system is easy to install, even in small spaces. It can be implemented for all installation positions and threadings.

Customer benefit & USP

Cost-effective entry-level system

Efficient operation even under extreme conditions

Reliable regulation according to the web edge

All digital standard edge sensors can be implemented (optical or ultrasonic)

Compact dimensions

Easy commissioning

Perfect for these industries

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"The ECOGuide is BST web guiding technology reduced to the essentials. Ready for connection, easy to understand, accurate in the control result and absolutely reliable, it is the cost-effective complete solution for the narrow web sector."

Ingo Ellerbrock, Head of Product Management

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The BST compact web guiding system is ideal for use with narrow material webs, especially in the label, packaging, and nonwoven industries.



The main areas of implementation for the SMARTGuide are the printing and extrusion branches.



The FRAMEGuide stands out thanks to its incredibly low height. This means that our systems can be optimally integrated into your machine layout, just like the optional motorised sensor adjustment.



Our sensors can be connected to a large number of BST components and thus guarantee optimal adaptation to the task at hand.



Electromotive web-guiding actuators correct the position of the material web precisely and almost instantaneously. The actuators are implemented everywhere where very quick reactions to changes in the web position are necessary


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