The Flexo Xperience Center: Movin Flexo forward – together with BST

The sales team of BST North America during the official opening from left to right.: Kevin O‘Shields, Ernest Schneider, Klaus Kraetzer, Cody Buhler

BST is partner of the Flexo Xperience Center
About three weeks ago, the "Flexo Xperience Center" (FXC) opened in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Because it is the world's first and only centre that tells the story of flexo printing from start to finish, BST has chosen to partner with this unique facility. Visitors can experience the entire flexo process there. 

"The Flexo Xperience Center (The FXC), brings the industry’s best innovation providers together in one place. From design to post-press and evaluation, The FXC is the FIRST experience center in the Flexo industry telling the story from start to finish. We will move flexo forward through Collaboration, Research, Experimentation, and Learning to achieve Excellence in the flexo process.” It's a place to collaborate, research, experiment and learn. Founding partners are MacDermid Graphics Solutions and SOMA who developed the FXC to be a state-of-the-art, central point for collaboration to push the capabilities and boundaries of flexography to the next level.
Together with BST, there are another 33 partners, such as Digimarc, 3M and tesa.
We are excited to be a part of such a wonderful opportunity which was only possible due to our long lasting, intensive partnership that we cultivate with our customers! 

BST provides the iPQ Check and spectral equipment for SOMA’s printing press to showcase our leading iPQ capabilities. As a partner of the FXC, we are thus continuously present with our solutions at manufacturers who are invited to the FXC. 

This partnership also allows us to explore opportunities to expand our capabilities with our iPQ platform and workflow technologies by having networked connections to multiple vendors in one location with the same goal. Additionally, it allows us to show the competencies of BST to manufacturers who may be looking for solutions that best fit their needs.

In addition, we can expand our competences in iPQ and workflow technologies because the FXC forms a network with many suppliers who are at one location and have the same goal: Excellence in the flexo process - in line with our brand promise “perfecting your performance”. 

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