iPQ-Surface ENERGY - High end surface inspection and measurement for battery cell production


To ensure the product quality during the production of the electrode material in the individual process steps, the use of inline quality assurance systems is a must. BST iPQ-SurfaceENERGY is the high-end system for surface inspection and measurement especially for battery cell production. This ensures a perfect quality of coating and separator film over different process steps and thus of the later battery and is fully independent of the machine manufacturer.


Customer benefit & USP

All defects visible thanks to multiplex illumination

High-speed image processing for highest web speeds

100% quality across different machines or systems

Less waste thanks to intelligent and teachable defect classification

Optimized overall system efficiency

Reduction of total cost of ownership

Perfect for these industries

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"The very special feature of the BST iPQ-SurfaceENERGY is the combination of inspection and measurement tasks in one system and one user interface. This enables 100% quality in battery cell production."

Jan Jostmeier, Product Manager

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Soluzioni di automazione

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