Printed Electronics: Highest quality and cost-optimized production processes

Printed Electronics

Organic and printed electronics represent a revolutionary new type of electronics that is thin, light, flexible, robust and cost-effective. Printed electronics is the key to manufacturing a wide range of electronic components. These range from transistors, circuits and sensors to displays, light sources, solar cells and touch-sensitive surfaces produced using various roll-to-roll printing and coating processes.
When processing the high-quality material webs, absolute precision is a prerequisite for a safe and high-quality product. With our broad product portfolio, we solve this task at BST e.g. with our worldwide unique high precision camera-based register control and web guiding systems as well our over decades market leading print defect inspection solutions. The result: a qualitative high-end and cost-optimized production process!



Web guiding systems

Web guiding systems from BST create optimal conditions for the processing of nonwoven materials. They are available in various sizes and are individually configurable. The BST ECOGuide and BST COMPACTGuide are particularly suitable for narrow material webs and cost-sensitive production conditions.

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Surface inspection

In order to ensure the flawless function of hygiene products such as nappies or medical masks, material surfaces that are free of damage or inclusions are required, in addition to a material web that is precisely guided at all times. This is a task for the BST iPQ-Surface surface inspection system.

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regi_star 20

The eltromat register control system regi_star 20 guarantees maximum of automation.

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The simple and cost-effective entry into 100% print image control.




The iPQ-Check from BST is the leading inspection system for digital printing and can be fully integrated into digital workflows.



"Revolutionary technology meets experience and proven quality assurance systems in our offering for organic and printed electronics."

Klaus Hamacher, New Business Development

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