BST iPQ-Spectral

Application area

Printing method: all types of web presses

Materials: all types of materials (foil, paper and metallized surfaces on request)

System performance

Max. Web speed:1.000 m/min

Max. Web width: 2.500 mm,wider webs on request

Measuring sensor

Sensor type: Spectrophotometer

Spectral range: 380 -730 nm

Result resolution: 10 nm steps

Light source: Xenon flash

Measurement accuracy: Typically <1 Eab (D50, 2°) to an X-Rite® XRGA-compliant gauge

Short-term repeatability: Typ. <0,1 E*CIELAB (50,2°) on white

Calibration: automatic,calibration to white normal

Measuring field size: min. 5 x 5 mm, depending on the material dynamics in the pressure control strip or on homogeneous surfaces

Measuring conditions

Standards: ISO 13655:2009, ISO 11664-1:2011, ISO 28178, ISO 5-3:2009, DIN 16536:1997

Measurement background: White or black according to ISO 13655:2009

Measuring distance: 20mm

Measuring geometry: 45° / 0°, directional

Measurement results

Output color values: CIE L*a*b*C*H*

Output density values: D, optionally relative or absolute, status E/T/A/I

Color distances: Delta E Lab, Delta E CMC, Delta E 2000, Delta E94

Density distances: D

Types of lighting: D50, D65, A, C, D75,F2, F7, F11

Standard Observer: 2°, 10°

Data export / import:CxF3 and CGATS.17