The economical solution for exact register settings: AR 4400 enables precise adjustment of the register to many machine types, such as offset, hybrid, and label printing machines. The precision solution from BST is impressive in every way: through its compact construction, intuitive touchscreen operation, and ease of installation.

With AR 4400, the adjustment of color and temporary registers (front-to-back registers) is handled reliably, as is the control of additional printing units (e.g. flexo printing units) or tool stations (e.g. rotary die-cutting).

Выгода для клиентов и уникальное торговое предложение.

Fast setup for printing

Simple operation

Less material use through reduced waste in all print phases

Consistently high quality due to register consistency in the entire printing process

Exact adherence to all register tolerances

High-quality print products for increased customer satisfaction

Increased productivity

Reduced costs

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"The AR 4400 offers impressive technology at a low entry price and is perfect for offset printing, as well as narrow web applications."

Dieter Jochmann, Product Manager

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Компактная система регулировки хода полотна BST идеально подходит для использования с узкими полотнами материала, особенно в производстве этикеток, упаковки и нетканых материалов.

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Простое экономически эффективное дополнение к контролю изображения печатной формы на 100 %.

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Экономически эффективное дополнение к системам регулировки хода полотна BST, которое идеально подходит для регулировки узких полотен материала.

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POWERScope 5000

BST POWERScope 5000 is the economical video web monitoring system specifically designed for label printing and other narrow web applications.

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BST PROView is the latest and modular expandable video web monitoring system with an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

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