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Nyquist Systems - What makes us unique

Our strength

We are a dynamic team of 25 employees who are proud to be market leaders with our modular TubeScan inspection system. We implement the latest technologies, focus on agile development, and provide high quality online customer support. This allows our customers in the printing industry to realize fast and reliable quality control and cost optimization.

Our core business

Since 2011, we have been developing and producing the "TubeScan" inspection systems and QLink workflows for the web converting packaging and printing industry. Why is this a revolutionary development? It's simple: Instead of expensive line scan cameras, the TubeScan is equipped with matrix cameras. When combined with innovative image processing, this enables cost-effective, outstanding 100% print inspection. Our 100% print inspection is distinguished by zero defects and perfect results at a highly attractive price. In addition, worldwide sales and service are handled by BST GmbH with their subsidiaries and partner companies.

Our team spirit

We are based in Landsberg, Bavaria, and operate in global markets. We have the spirit of a start-up and the opportunities of a corporation because we are part of elexis AG, a globally active high-tech company. The diversity of our framework shapes the way we work; pragmatic, agile, international, creative and above all – collaboratively. Because we trust in the strengths of every colleague, we don't just talk about team spirit; we live it. Every single day. For us and for our clients.

Staff comments

„I have been part of the Nyquist team since 2016 and feel very comfortable here. We, in software development, benefit from the flat hierarchies. This not only allows us to act flexibly, but also to achieve results quickly. Whether it's innovative new developments, the implementation of special customer requirements or the selection of technologies and tools: it's all our responsibility. That excites me and motivates me.“

Timo Fink
Senior-Software-Engineer (Nyquist Systems)

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"%100 denetim sistemi TubeScan dijital flaş, tüm yaygın baskı makinelerine ve sonlandırma makinelerine kurulabilir. Dünya çapında 2000'den fazla kurulumla, etiket ve ambalaj baskısında tüm denetim gereksinimlerini karşılar. Yansıtıcı yüzeyler, kabartmalı yapılar, güvenlik özellikleri, şeffaf- açık, barkodlar, değişken baskı verileri vb. TubeScan'in avantajlarını açıkça gösterdiği bazı özel uygulamalardır."

Dr. Stephan Krebs, Ürün Müdürü ve Mucit


TubeScan digital strobe

100 baskı görüntüsü denetimine basit ve uygun maliyetli giriş - 850 mm genişliğe kadar dar web için

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TubeScan eagle view

TubeScan eagle view, %100 denetime ek olarak video web denetimi de sunar

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TubeScan digital strobe XL

Geniş web uygulamaları artık 1700 mm web genişliğine kadar rakipsiz bir fiyatla ultra hızlı, %100 denetimden faydalanabilir.

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