Efficiently networked, immediately in the picture, everything on the screen - BST presents inspection systems without learning times at Labelexpo Europe 2023

Bielefeld, August 2023. (R)evolution of quality assurance – Guided by this motto, BST GmbH will present innovative solutions for web processing in label and label printing at LabelExpo Europe 2023 from September 11 to 14. The company will showcase a variety of applications,ranging from simple web monitoring and high-precision web guiding in the µ range to high performance 100% inspection systems for digital printing. The systems optimize resource uilization, thereby playing a crucial role in boosting competitiveness and promoting climate protection. BST iPQ-Check Digital uses the perfect SMARTData digital workflow, accommodating multiple job changes on a roll. The TubeScan product line at LabelExpo also demonstrates robust agility when it comes to job transitions. The 100% inspection system  introduces innovative advancements in the field of digital printing.

BST iPQ-Check Digital uses the perfect SMARTData digital workflow, accommodating multiple job changes on a roll.

With the CLS CAM 100 object sensor from BST allows guiding the material web according to objects in the printed image to save the control line and minimize the influence of material-related fluctuations in the web width.

In addition to the new user interface, numerous new functions of the TubeScan product family will be presented at Labelexpo. These also include an application for digital printing with dynamic job changes.

Increasing process efficiency and optimizing resources, all the while simplifying machine operation - the accomplishments that BST products have achieved in printing processes such as gravure, flexo or offset printing will now be showcased for digital printing as well at LabelExpo: "With our SMARTData open job interface, we are creating the possibility of integrating and standardizing the digital workflow in the industry. The simplicity and usability of the data obtained are crucial for cross-process use, analysis and optimization," explains Jörg Westphal, Executive Vice President Business Unit Flexible Materials. Through SMARTData, BST provides precise solutions to key challenges in digital printing, and illuminates how they relate to quality, efficiency and cost optimization

Vertical start with sharp vision: Digital workflow with SMARTData and iPQ Check Digital

BST SMARTData guarantees flawless print results with its digital workflow. The system integrates prepress solutions to create productivity-enhancing applications. By automatically delivering essential data to all components at the start of the job, SMARTData eliminates makeready time and the consequent waste, and prevents manual errors thanks to the central job interface. With the iPQ-Check Digital inspection system by BST, quality deviations are reliably detected and documented with positional accuracy. In addition, the system enables a job start without the need for setup time, effectively resolving a fundamental industry challenge. With iPQ-Check Digital, any number of job changes can take place without rejects within a roll. Immediate job changes are possible during the printing process, and errors can be detected in the initial print image. The print image is matched with a PDF from the start, eliminating the learning time required by preinspection and determination of a master. This saves time and avoids waste. In the further process, SMARTData logs all anomalies (events) with position accuracy and analyzes the data for automatic process optimization. This data can then be used in downstream processes. Like the standard iPQ-Check model, iPQ-Check Digital can be easily integrated into any machine thanks to its compact design. As a smart tool for quality management, iPQ-Check Digital combines uncompromising print image inspection with precise web monitoring across the entire print format, thus sustainably improving print quality.

Web run regulation according to objects

Where it is not possible to regulate according to the web edge, a control line is printed at the edge of the material, which is later cut off. The need for this trimmiing becomes unnecessary with the implementation of BST’s CLS CAM 100 camera-based sensor. The sensor controls the web directly according to objects or motifs in the printed image. This ensures continuous control accuracy, even when the web tension fluctuates.

FRAMEGuide Pro: Revolution in high-precision applications

This year, BST has developed a high-performance drive for its web guiding system with FRAMEGuide. With repeat accuracies of ±10 μm, FRAMEGuide Pro guarantees exceptionally precise control results in every application - an invaluable advantage in applications where maximum precision is required. With its minimized overall height, it can be integrated into all machine layouts.

Comprehensive visibility. Complete command. TubeScan shines with fresh graphical user interface

A standout feature across all video inspection systems within the TubeScan series is the highly anticipated new graphical user interface. It presents a fresh, modern design and can be operated intuitively. TubeScan product line’s revamp established new standards in camera clarity, swifter configuration, and simplified operation. The features give printers better control over their production processes, increasing efficiency. Tubescan offers simple installation and adaptable modularity. Its traverse mounting renders it suitable for narrow and wide web applications. Interested parties can experience these and other innovations from BST GmbH in Hall 3 Booth 3D40.

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