Maximum connectivity for efficient web guiding: BST ekr CON 600 net

Bielefeld, September 2023. With maximum connectivity, the ekr CON 600 net controller from BST optimizes web running production processes and thus equips machines for the major challenges of the near future: "We are in the midst of a new industrial revolution - meaning the disruption in the automotive industry, the increasing use of AI, and the rapidly growing automation and digitalization of numerous manufacturing processes," says Ingo Ellerbrock, Product Manager Web Guiding at BST. The ekr CON 600 net ensures flexible data exchange between different components, can be easily integrated into the machine control and is particularly user-friendly. This allows for easy operation, which is an important competitive advantage facing the shortage of skilled workers.

More than 10,000 customers worldwide appreciate the intuitive operation of the BST controllers to be recognized by the red bar. Through the expansion with additional control units, useful information such as the web width can be displayed in addition to a more flexible installation.

The ekr CON 600 Net provides immediate help via QR code. All it takes is a two-second press on the menu item and delivers the relevant instructions. Furthermore, the portal features other useful aids, such as installation videos or the callback service of the BST helpdesk.

The BST ekr CON 600 net is more than just a controller. It is the central control unit of every BST web guiding system and the answer to increasing requirements in web production. The primary task of the device is to ensure a stable, precise and reliable running web. This is relevant to quality, actively avoids scrap and ensures a high quality of the final product. In addition, the powerful and fast-responding web guiding system enables full use of the machine speed and also a more efficient production. Like all BST guiding devices, the BST ekr CON 600 net impresses with its compact design enabling easy integration in any machine. For more flexibility and comfortable operation in narrow or hard-to-reach positions, additional touch control units can be installed. With a clear focus on user-friendliness and efficient commissioning, the device paves the way for optimized production.

Focusing on the future of web guiding

"BST recognizes the demand for future-proof solutions that meet the complex requirements of the near and distant digital future. Markets and industries are calling for modular and scalable systems. Thanks to its connectivity, the BST ekr CON 600 net is able to channel an ever-growing data stream: Information that can be accessed via fieldbus can also be flexibly expanded," explains Ellerbrock enthusiastically and ventures one more look into the future: "If we ask ourselves today which standard will be established in the future, we cannot yet give a reliable answer. Whether wireless or wired: in any case, the BST ekr CON 600 net will be perfectly equipped for its use thanks to the modular concept."


The ekr CON 600 net from BST is a convincing answer to the ever-increasing challenges of digitalization, the shortage of skilled workers, and is future-proof thanks to its modular design: with a clear focus on usability, efficient integration and maximum connectivity, this device is redefining the future of industrial automation.

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