Smart efficiency enhancement in web processing industries in manufacturing, finishing and further processing

BST GmbH provides manufacturers in the converting industry with decisive competitive advantages in the areas of automation, efficiency, and sustainability. Its portfolio of cross-process and cross-industry system solutions for quality assurance in web converting industries increases plant efficiency and reduces waste. At ICE Europe from March 14-16, Booth 480 in Hall 6, BST will present trend-setting innovations for optimal web guiding, surface inspection, web monitoring, print inspection, register and coating control. BST products ensure flawless results in the process steps from material production to finishing and further processing, whether manufacturing lithium-ion batteries or finishing flexible packaging.

With rising raw material prices, uncertain supply chains and high energy costs, there has been a strong focus on efficiency and sustainability factors in all production processes. In addition, effective circular economy is a key objective in optimizing value chains. "With our customized, high-precision system solutions, we increase the efficiency and sustainability of all web processing operations," says Jörg Westphal, Executive Vice President Business Unit Flexible Materials. "We know the current challenges of the markets very well. At the same time, we understand our customers' machines and processes in depth. This enables us to always develop innovative solutions that guarantee the best production results with ideal use of resources."

At ICE Europe, the Bielefeld-based specialist for web guiding and quality assurance systems will present its latest high-precision solutions that lead to error-free results regarding material and processing quality in web processing industries. Manufacturers can specifically reduce material waste, reduce the number of line stops, and significantly increase overall line efficiency by detecting, documenting, and analyzing defects at an early stage with the help of BST solutions.

Efficiency booster: BST COATINGControl for error-free battery production

BST presents COATINGControl, an intelligent, networked web guiding system combined with high-precision measuring tasks utilizing line or CIS camera technology. BST COATINGControl, for example, ensures razor-sharp positioning of the coating geometry - both patterns and stripes - on the electrode substrates during the coating process in the production of lithium-ion batteries. With a high-precision web guiding system, such as the BST FRAMEGuide HP, the system achieves maximum control accuracy thanks to robust edge detection via a central control unit and image processing algorithms. BST COATINGControl uses closed-loop control to correct the smallest deviations in coating geometry before they cause quality-related defects. Furthermore, because of the continuously perfect coating positioning, no manual offset correction is required, ensuring perfect coating geometry on both the front and back sides. This reduces the number of lines stops to a minimum and increases overall line efficiency. In addition, optional measurement, and visualization of the coating edges regarding their permissible edge elevation (heavy edges) is possible.

BST COATINGControl relieves the machine operator. The system saves time during setup due to automated, reproducible calibration routines. The intuitive, web-based user interface of BST COATINGControl reduces the risk of operating errors by providing a live image of the current coating position and optionally a visualization of strong edge effects. Of course, BST COATINGControl can be easily integrated into any machine environment by means of open interfaces.

Surface inspection via iPQ-Surface

Perfect coating quality depends on geometry and surface condition. In addition to BST COATINGControl, BST presents the iPQ-Surface, a surface inspection system for quality assurance in material production and its further processing. While transparent and opaque films will be inspected at ICE Europe, the iPQ-Surface is also available for battery cell production or cold seal applications.

The iPQ-Surface combines state-of-the-art camera technology with innovative multiplex lighting to reveal even the smallest defects visible in a compact installation space. Simultaneously, the system can be adapted to the respective application and offers a modular concept for lighting and camera options. In addition to coordinated hardware components, the system offers an intuitive user interface that is perfectly tailored to the user.

BST web guiding: precise and innovative

A precisely guided web serves as the connecting element for all process steps, from material production to further processing. BST offers two unique solutions in this field: the web guiding system FRAMEGuide HP and the camera-based sensor CLS CAM 100.

The FRAMEGuide HP impresses with its low overall height. This allows it to be integrated into any machine layout, just like the optional motorized sensor adjustment. The frame's fixed and moving parts are arranged in one plane, allowing for maximum flexibility when installing it in your machine. Because of its high-precision drive, the FRAMEGuide HP's optimized design enables the highest possible precision in control behavior. Repeat accuracies of +/- 10µm can be achieved and are unparalleled.

With the CLS CAM 100, webs can be controlled according to objects or motifs in the print image, so that the control line at the edge of the material and its waste can be dispensed with - even at the highest web speeds. Reduced waste and off-cuts lead to increased cost-effectiveness and sustainability in production. In addition, minimal makeready and downtimes create more space for value-added activities.

100% print inspection for comprehensive quality control

BST will present additional solutions, such as the TubeScan, for quality assurance in material finishing at ICE Europe. The system enables a cost-effective entry into 100% print image inspection and is versatile thanks to numerous illumination options. Since last year, the TubeScan, which was originally designed for narrow web and label printing, has been available for web widths of up to 1,700 mm. The latest development is the reliable inspection of variable data, such as barcodes and QR codes, at web speeds of up to 500m/min, enabling maximum efficiency in label web converting.

SMARTData in action:

Precise job handover and complete quality documentation

BST SMARTData provides seamless, cross-process, and position-accurate data mapping from various processes, which is required for automation. At ICE Europe, BST will present the performance of the system for the first time on a concrete use case for process optimization: The data is transferred from the prepress of the ERP system via SMARTData to our quality assurance systems with position accuracy.

In addition to the precise documentation of the manufacturing process, the system brings enormous advantages for production efficiency: Thanks to the position-accurate data allocation, rejects can be detected early and removed from the production line in a targeted manner. As a result, subsequent production processes are supplied with only flawless materials, laying the groundwork for exclusively high-quality products.

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