TubeScan digital strobe XL - For wide web printing and converting

TubeScan digital strobe XL

If you want a fast return on your investment in 100% print inspection, you can rely on TubeScan XL. Because with modern matrix camera technology and powerful image processing, TubeScan XL ensures a significant reduction in waste on the press.

A final inspection on the slitter by TubeScan XL ensures optimum delivery quality and avoids expensive customer complaints.

With the QLink workflow, you combine 100% inspection on the slitter with downstream defect elimination on the doctor machine, maximizing your yields. Details can be found in the product brochure „TubeScan digital strobe XL“.


TubeScan XL is available in two configurations:

  • TubeScan XL Press: High-resolution cameras for excellent image quality.
  • TubeScan XL Slitter: Ultra-fast cameras for up to 800 m/min web speed.

In addition to the general functions, the TubeScan digital strobe XL offers the following features:

  • Can take and display up to 30 images per second in live mode – seamless monitoring of every repeat in real time
  • Excellent image quality on large 32″ viewing monitor
  • Dynamic roll map for the visualization of all defects in the current production roll 
  • Can be combined with all options available for TubeScan digital strobe such as fine print ­inspection, PDF reporting, dynamic roll map, etc.
  • QLink Press: Error data editing / storage in roll logs
  • QLink Slitter: Creation of error logs for quality assessment and downstream processing on the doctor machine, if necessary.
  • Compact "Universal Mounting Frame"

Customer benefit

Fast and easy job setup

Very reliable and stable operation

Many efficient tools for comprehensive quality assurance

Ensures print quality, thus minimizing waste

Avoids costly customer complaints

Modular system - configurable specifically for your requirements

Extremely cost-efficient

Perfect for these industries

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"What would be the advantage of using the TubeScan inspection together with the QLink workflow on a slitter?
Until today, installing a 100 % inspection system on a slitter machine was simply a matter of budget and benefit. TubeScan has changed that. It delivers a cost-effective solution and provides a detailed overview of print quality at high speed. A slitter won’t stop on time when a defect is detected. So QLink Slitter records all defects and enables precise assessment of print quality in conjunction with further rework of individual rolls on a doctor machine.” 

Dr. Stephan Krebs, Product Manager & Inventor

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