Safety and sustainability in battery production with BST

Copper, zinc and nickel in battery production

The production of battery cells is a complex and challenging process that involves many individual steps, each of which has different quality requirements and potential sources of error. One of these is the use of equipment that can consist of parts made of copper, zinc or nickel, which can lead to contamination. These impurities reduce quality and, in addition to functional defects, can also pose a serious safety risk.

BST "Impurity free" solutions for the elimination of security risks

To mitigate these risks and guarantee sustainable and efficient battery cell production, we have limited the utilization of copper, zinc and nickel to a minimum in numerous solutions. These products, designed specifically for use with battery materials, meet the highest quality standards and are labeled with the BSt "Impurity free" logo for easier identification. It goes without saying, this does not impair the function of the systems in any way. 

The following BST solutions currently display the "Impurity free" logo and are ideal for use in battery cell production: 

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  • FRAMEGuide Pro S
  • FRAMEGuide Pro M
  • EMS 18 / 50 /4,21 / 16x5 / FG / Step
  • EMS 18 / 100 /4,21 / 16x5 / FG / Step
  • IR2011 / 40 / AL
  • IR2011 / 70 / AL
  • US2010 / 40 / AL
  • US2010 / 70 / AL
  • CLS PRO 600

This list will be continuously expanded.

Suitable for use in drying rooms

In lithium-ion cell production, it's common to use a dry room environment with a pressure dew point ranging between -50 °C and occasionally -70 °C. This controlled environment helps reduce the risk of harmful acids formation due to ambient humidity, thus prolonging battery lifespan. BST's "Impurity Free" solutions are well-suited for such conditions and can be used in extremely dry environments with pressure dew points ranging from -30 °C to -70 °C.

Your advantages at a glance

No contamination from copper, zinc or nickel particles

Suitable for dry rooms down to -70°C

Sustainable and safe battery cell production

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“Our BST "Impurity Free" products ensure quality and safety in battery production, in particular by complying with dry room requirements, where product functionality is not impaired under extreme conditions.”

Klaus Hamacher, New Business Development

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