卷材监测系统不适用于印刷质量的 100% 监控,必须与印刷控制系统结合使用。TubeScan 产品系列 (TubeScan digital strobe, TubeScan digital strobe XL, TubeScan eagle view) 是 100% 印刷图像检测方面成本合适的最佳入门产品。特别是结合由 QLinkPress、QLinkEditor、QLink Rewinder 和 Qlink Viewer 组成的 QLink 检测工作流程。

Details can be found in the product brochure "TubeScan 100% Print Inspection".

All TubeScan models offer the following - partly optional - features:

  • Small foot print, only requires 125 mm (5") in web direction, 300 mm (12") in height 
  • Can take and display up to 30 images per second in live mode – seamless monitoring of every repeat in real time
  • Crisp display of image due to high camera resolutions
  • Display of detected errors in real time on the HD monitor, during setup and production
  • No health risk, less tiring compared to conventional monitoring using strobe lights
  • Pulsed LED illumination for extremely low power consumption, especially for diffuse, translucent, reflective and luminescent (UV) materials
  • UV illumination for checking UV-active applications, such as varnishes, adhesives, silicones or other luminescent coatings
  • Image stabilization without print mark sensor due to automatic format synchronization over the entire speed range of the machine
  • Accurate length and repeat counting
  • Secondary zones and masking for different inspection tasks
  • Relative distance monitoring based on edges or shapes
  • Adjustable sensitivities for different defect classes
  • Delta-E Monitoring
  • Inspection, validation and database comparison of variable data (barcodes, alphanumerical sequences, OCR) More information
  • PDF validation
  • Surface inspection
  • Generation of PDF roll reports
  • Dynamic roll map for the visualization of all defects in the current production roll 
  • Interfaces to prepress / ERP systems (customer-specific or standardized such as Hybrid and CERM)
  • PDF Toolbox
    a) for master image comparison
    b) import of inspection zones defined in pre-press, such as masking, die-cutting contours, secondary inspection zones, static or variable 1D / 2D barcodes and alphanumeric sequences"
  • QLink workflow for data exchange between inspection systems across the entire production chain
  • Up to 10 opto-isolated output signals (24 V)


Fast and easy job setup

Very reliable and stable operation

Many efficient tools for comprehensive quality assurance

Ensures print quality, thus minimizing waste

Avoids costly customer complaints

Modular system - configurable specifically for your requirements

Extremely cost-efficient


TubeScan digital strobe

The simple and cost-effective entry into 100% print image inspection - for narrow web up to 850 mm width


TubeScan eagle view

In addition to 100% inspection, TubeScan eagle view offers video web inspection.


TubeScan digital strobe XL

Wide web applications can now benefit from ultra-fast, 100 % inspection at an unbeatable price – up to 1700 mm web widths.




"100% 检测系统TubeScan digital strobe 可以安装在所有常见的印刷机和精加工机器上。在全球已有超过2000台安装,涵盖了标签和包装印刷中的所有检测要求。 TubeScan 在特殊应用如:反光表面、压花结构、防伪特征、双透材料、条码、可变印刷数据等具有明显优势。"

Dr. Stephan Krebs,,产品经理和创造者

其它 BST 解决方案


BST 卷材纠偏系统的入门成本低廉,非常适合用于窄幅物料的卷材纠偏。



BST 紧凑型卷材纠偏系统非常适合用于窄幅物料,尤其是在标签、包装和无纺布行业。