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Battery & fuel cell

The battery industry is moving faster and more dynamically than ever before. The industry must accelerate the development of lithium-ion batteries in order to enable longer distances and higher performance, as well as to increase battery life and lower production costs. The solution: Expanded industrial production allows for parallel cost reduction and quality improvement due to economies of scale, automation, and technological innovation, as well as resource and energy conservation.

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Film Extrusion

When it comes to extrusion processes, fractions of a millimeter are critical; they determine the quality of the end product as well as its profitability. BST is an experienced partner for material control in the extrusion process, such as the production of plastic films through flat or blown extrusion.

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Print & packaging

BST provides a full range of quality assurance and production-boosting services at top printing speeds in all web processing parts of the printing industry for optimal printing results. This applies equally to offset printing, flexographic printing, gravure printing, and digital printing. We are your dependable partner in the printing industry for the efficient design of your production processes.

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Narrow Web / Label Printing

In narrow web / label printing, high web speeds and intermittent printing processes are often required. In addition, tight installation spaces and, last but not least, system costs also play a decisive role. 

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BST provides a comprehensive range of quality assurance services for all processing applications. Only a flawless print can aid in the completion of subsequent processing steps with the best results. To accomplish this, material webs must be precisely introduced into the cutting process, printing defects must be accurately indicated, and perforation positions must be reliably identified.

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Whether it's package inserts, folding boxes, batch labels, or blisters, the pharmaceutical industry has high quality standards because incorrect information can be dangerous to one's health. These requirements can only be met with first-class technical solutions. Using BST solutions. 

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Nonwoven materials are mainly used in the production of hygiene products, such as nappies, sanitary towels, surgical masks, hoods, gloves and bags. BST's solutions provide a comprehensive set of services for quality assurance in all nonwoven applications. These require precise web guidance, precise results, clear analyses, reliable error detection and effective customer service.

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Printed Electronics

The BST range for printed electronics offers absolute precision for your material web and creates the conditions for a safe and high-quality product.

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Tyres & rubber

BST can offer lean automation solutions, intelligent quality assurance systems, and cutting-edge control components for solving upcoming automation problems due to close customer cooperation and many years of experience in the tire industry. BST develops application-specific solutions for new applications and retrofits in addition to standard products.

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