BST Application Solutions - Unique Technology for Proactive Defect Avoidance

Every solution starts with a challenge. Challenges that have arisen from the numerous demands of our customers over the last 60 years. In addition to customer-specific solutions, this also results in solutions that can be adapted to similar challenges of other applications. The unique BST application solutions are based on a wide product portfolio, a high level of application expertise and a lot of know-how in the integration into existing plants and systems. All these solutions focus on optimizing processes. This means improving quality, increasing efficiency and reducing waste. That means perfecting your performance!


BST COATINGControl ensures that the coating is perfectly positioned on the substrate.



BST SLITTINGControl ensures perfect coating position on every daughter roll.


BST CELLInspection

BST CELLInspection is the basic inspection system for geometric measurement of single or laminated cells (monocell)



BST SEPERATINGControl ensures the geometry of the electrode sheets.


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"In our application solutions, we combine our inspection systems with networked BST web guiding systems. The result are solutions that enable our customers to achieve maximum equipment efficiency and not only identify faults, but sustainably avoid them. That's what makes us unique. That' s what we're proud of."

Jörgen Schumacher, Process Automation Developement

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