BST SLITTINGControl - Perfecting your slitting process


BST SLITTINGControl measures the width of each daughter roll as well as the position of the coating and compares both with the reference values. If the width does not match the target value, this indicates incorrectly adjusted cutters or wear and the machine operator is informed immediately. If the width is correct, but the coating position is not, BST SLITTINGControl drives the FRAMEGuide before the slitting process to correct the material position with high precision in a closed loop.

Highest guiding accuracy is achieved by robust edge detection via a central control unit and image processing algorithms in closed loop with FRAMEGuide. The intuitive web-based user interface provides a live image of the current coating position and optional visualization of heavy edge effects. With its open interfaces, the system can be easily integrated by any machine manufacturer.

Customer benefits

Real-time measurement of the coating on daughter rolls - no more need for machine stops to check the slitting position

Always perfect coating positioning in combination with BST FRAMEGuide - no manual offsets required by the operator

Always cut at the correct position

Checking the cutter positioning and thus avoiding rejects

Perfect for these industries

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"Durch das Zusammenspiel von Messtechnik und Regelungstechnik werden mit BST SLITTINGControl hochpräzise Schnittergebnisse sichergestellt."

Klaus Hamacher, New Business Development

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