BST web guiding sensors

Web Guiding Sensors

BST web guiding sensors are suitable for use in almost any application. Our systems use optical, acoustic and camera-based sensor technology. BST web guiding sensors can be integrated into your guiding system without any problem at all. Connection to BST controllers is also easy, thanks to the “Plug & Play” system. The optical and acoustic sensors share the exact same dimensions, so you can swap between them easily.

Whether your industrial application involves moving webs of foil, film or paper, web guiding sensors help improve production efficiency. When the manufacturing process requires precise web alignment, adding a web guide sensor reduces operational downtime and maximizes performance. A reliable web guide sensor maintains the product's edge and center alignment as it moves through the web, reducing waste and improving productivity. With BST’s sensors, you can avoid unnecessary downtime and maintain precision throughout the production process.

The Benefits of BST’s In-House Training and Assistance

BST provides in-house and on-site training for web guiding sensor operations across various industries. Our team offers remote assistance, routine maintenance visits, and repairs. Our comprehensive selection of products includes the following:

  • Controllers with connections for different sensors, such as line and contrast, optical and ultrasound

  • SMARTGuide sensors for printing and extrusion applications

  • COMPACTGuide systems for narrow web materials

Ultrasonic sensors

BST’s ultrasonic web edge sensors are characterized by their ability to perform unaffected by soiling or variations in material transparency. This makes them a popular choice in applications that require detection of high-transparency materials. They also compensate for interference from external sources of noise and other environmental influences.

US 2010

  • Prong width: 40 mm or 70 mm 
  • Measurement range: 12 mm
  • Resolution: 0.05 mm

US SEN 3xx

  • Prong width: 38 mm or 101 mm
  • Measurement range: Max. 467 mm
  • Resolution: 0.05 mm
  • Edge detections: Max. 2 web edges 



Optical sensors

BST’s optical web edge sensors use contactless, light-based technology to detect both transparent and non-transparent materials. Optical scanning is impervious to external light and other sources of interference. 

IR 2011

  • Prong width: 40 mm or 70 mm 
  • Measurement range: Max. 24 mm
  • Resolution: 0.05 mm

IR SEN 4xx

  • Prong width: 38 mm or 101 mm
  • Measurement range: Max. 284 mm
  • Resolution: 0.05 mm
  • Edge detections: Max. 2 web edges 


Camera-based sensors

The web is scanned by recording patterns or contrasts on the web. BST’s camera-based sensors offer a high degree of accuracy and precision, giving you perfect web guidance every time. If you need a sensor that detects lines and contrasts perfectly, the CLS PRO 600 is the right choice for you. Alternatively, if you’re looking to scan objects or printed images directly on the web, CLS CAM 100 is the best sensor for your application. Or perhaps you want to be flexible and scan up to 8 web edges and measure and evaluate web widths? If so, you should opt for the CCD CAM 100.


Customer benefit & USP

Suitable for use in a wide range of web guiding applications

Can be adapted and optimized to suit the job at hand

Connections to BST controllers for digital/analog operation, incl. for retrofitting

Suitable for use with almost any material

Suitable for web edge guiding, web center guiding, object guiding and contrast guiding processes.

Anschlußfertig - Plug & Play - keine Konfiguration notwendig

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"No web guiding without reliable high-precision sensors for detecting the web edge or objects on the web. Whether acoustic, optical or camera-based - the BST sensors are highly accurate, insensitive to interference and safe. Thanks to plug-and-play connection technology, conversion or retrofitting is also very easy."

Ingo Ellerbrock, Head of Product Management

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