CLS CAM 100 - State of the art guiding


The camera-based BST sensor CLS CAM 100 enables guiding based directly on the object or motif on the material web. Scanning of print lines and print edges is also possible. A particular highlight is the intuitive user navigation via the supplied 7-inch touch control panel. 

CLS CAM 100 features:

  • Precise scanning of objects and motifs, lines, print edges, or web edges with color sensors
  • Optimal lighting conditions, thanks to automatically regulated LED lighting
  • High-performance camera with 500 fps
  • Intuitive user navigation on external 7-inch touch control panel
  • Additional controls via color display directly on the sensor head
  • Laser-projection-aided positioning assistance
  • Automatic job and setup memory to minimize setup times

Customer benefit & USP

Object guiding, even at the highest web speeds of up to 1,200 m/min

No additional trigger/trigger signal needed

Convenient selection of guiding criteria using intuitive swiping gestures

High-speed image processing with 500 frames per second

Simple retrofitting on existing BST guiding systems

Delivered ready to connect for easy commissioning

Perfect for these industries

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"Easily and intuitively guide your material based directly on the printed image, without guiding lines or trigger signals, with our new CLS CAM 100 object sensor. Guiding based on lines or contrasts is also possible without a problem.
ArtGuiding with CLS CAM 100, made by BST"

Ingo Ellerbrock, Head of Product Management

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