Quality assurance solutions


Operating, controlling, analyzing, optimizing and documenting production processes is made easy with SMARTData at a central location.


Web Guiding Systems

BST systems guide webs in the widest range of production processes, such as in the paper, film, and rubber industries as well as in conveyor and transport systems. BST web guiding systems ensure that the material being processed is exactly at its intended position. Our systems can be used for a wide range of substrates and effectively minimise paper waste and downtime.


100 % Inspection

Competition in the printing industry is hard, and the requirements are rising constantly. Exact control is the prerequisite both for quality printing products and satisfied customers. BST inspection systems monitor the print easily, comprehensively, and efficiently, for first-class print products. 100% inspection systems use one or more line cameras and constant lighting. The complete web width is captured line by line and displayed as a complete pattern on the monitor.


Surface inspection system

BST surface inspection systems detect typical errors in lamination and coating processes right away, every time. Due to their modular construction, BST’s IPQ Surface systems can be perfectly adapted to the widest range of applications. Image acquisition and error recognition take place in real time. The systems can be used with uniformed, textured, and printed surfaces.


Video web monitoring

BST video web monitoring systems monitor your print easily, quickly and efficiently, even at the highest web speeds. Web monitoring systems work with matrix cameras, strobe a specific area of the running material web, and display the resulting image on the monitor. The benefits for you are: less time and money spent, higher production quotas, and flawless results at all times.


Register control

BST register controls are equipped with fibre optic scanning heads or CCD matrix cameras to record print marks. They guarantee the complete recording and measurement of standardised or individually created print marks. No matter what the speed, contrast, arrangement or order. The entire operation is performed via a menu; all status messages appear in plain text.


Color management

Electronic color controls from BST are optimally adjusted to the needs of offset printers. We set standards in precision, speed, reliability and ease of use. Profit from versatile solutions for all printing machines, regardless of the print width and number of printing processes. Of course, along with the first-class cost-benefit ratio and with strong performance parameters that pass the test again every day in practical application.


Color measurement

The BST Group supports you in compliance with specified color standards with fully automatic systems for spectral inline color measurement. Inline measurement is carried out in the machine itself. The benefit of this is you no longer need to perform color measurements, as commonly required, or a comparison with print samples with hand-held devices after a roll change.


Automation solution for process optimisation

BST provides efficient solutions for the automation of process sequences to machine builders and users. Maximum reliability. Extremely efficient. Optimal economically. BST automation solutions ensure improved production processes and quality assurance - and thus satisfied customers - on our side AND yours. As a general contractor, BST realises solutions for fully integrated automation from one source - to the highest standards.


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