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The SMARTGuide's main applications are printing and extrusion. This web guiding system is also especially well-suited for short closed loops with low material stress. The sensors can be moved using an optional, motor-driven adjustment systems for ease of use. This is especially useful when working with sensors that are difficult to access, frequent changes in web width, or special functions such as oscillation. The SMARTGuide is suitable for use in all installation positions and with all threadings.

SMARTGuide system equipment:

  • Reliable guiding by web edge and web center
  • Suitable for use with all digital web edge sensors (optical or ultrasonic)
  • Choice of operating side
  • Manual sensor adjustment
  • Remote control via digital inputs (digital I/O)

SMARTGuide options:

  • Manual fine tuning for one or both edge sensors
  • Object guiding with CLS CAM 100
  • Line and contrast guiding with CLS PRO 600
  • Remote control via additional commander
  • Motor-driven sensor adjustment with automatic edge finding system and pre-positioning for edge and/ or web center guiding with a set or variable center line
  • Optional bus systems: CAN, Profibus DP, Profinet, Powerlink, Ethercat or Ethernet UDP

Customer benefit & USP

Reliable and high-precision web guiding 

Effective minimisation of paper waste and downtimes

Also suitable for use with high web tensions

Simple and intuitive operation

Easy retrofitting thanks to modular design

Custom design

Perfect for these industries

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"The smart complete solution for the wide web. The modular, scalable SMARTGuide offers numerous configuration options and is always customized for each customer application. It can thus be used individually and can also be expanded as needed."

Ingo Ellerbrock, Head of Product Management

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