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Film Extruction

BST is a competent partner for material control in the extrusion process, such as in the production and processing of plastic films, but also in many other areas of application. The basis of every application is reliable and precise web guiding. Our systems are also individually tailored to the requirements of your production. Our service for you includes all project phases, from planning to implementation and user training. With our solutions, you can save raw materials and energy, reduce scrap and maintenance times, increase productivity, and ensure product quality.


Blown Film Extrusion

The film is guided on in web form after the material has cooled down again during blown film extrusion. A web guiding system is required to ensure that this works precisely and efficiently. Various BST inspection systems are also available to ensure the quality of the extrusion as well as the subsequent processing steps.


Flat Film Extrusion

Flat film extrusion is frequently associated with films requiring the highest levels of product quality. We assist our customers in ensuring this throughout the entire manufacturing process. This necessitates the use of a high-precision web guiding system.


Extrusion Coating and Lamination

A web of material is sealed with plastic or synthetic resin during extrusion coating or lamination. This results in multi-layer materials with advanced properties, such as paper and cardboard, which can be used for beverage cartons. The material web must be precisely guided in order for the two layers to be permanently and accurately bonded.




The main areas of implementation for the SMARTGuide are the printing and extrusion branches. The BST pivoting FRAMEGuide (DF) is also especially suitable for short closed loops with low material stress.



BST iPQ Surface is a reliable high-end surface inspection system that can be tailored to your requirements. The system's modular structure ensures that it always provides the best solution for your application and installation situation.



The iPQ Check from BST is the leading inspection system for digital printing and can be fully integrated into digital workflows.


Color measurement

With the fully automatic iPQ Spectral system for spectral inline color measurement, BST helps you comply with prescribed color standards.


Register control

Register controls ensure that individual color meet perfectly for optimal color results. The latest generation of eltromat register controls are equipped to register print marks with fibre optic scanning heads or CCD matrix cameras.


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