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For optimal printing results, BST supports you with a full range of quality assurance and production-boosting services at top printing speeds in all web processing parts of the printing industry. This is as true for offset printing as it is for flexographic printing, gravure printing or digital printing. As an experienced company in the printing industry, we are your reliable partner for the efficient design of your production processes.



Customers are placing steadily growing demands on the quality of offset printing products. Simultaneously, the costs of materials, color coatings, and energy are rising. Waste prevention is becoming an economic necessity. he guiding principle is always the same: error-free printing. Furthermore, precision in perfection reduces the high risk of rejects, satisfies the customer, and ensures the profitability of the production processes. BST provides a comprehensive range of services for quality assurance and productivity maximization in offset printing applications - for flawless printing results.



In flexographic printing, the requirements for product quality are high and, in a contested market, increasingly rising. BST understands the industry's specific requirements and is constantly developing to meet the demands for precise print results and an efficient printing process. Whether it be web guiding, web monitoring, 100% inspection, register control, spectral color measurement or your own automation solution, BST impresses with high-performance systems for quality assurance for flawless results in all flexographic printing jobs.



Providers in gravure printing must also meet their customers' ever-increasing quality expectations. Gravure printing requires maximum precision and continuous, comprehensive quality control as a high-speed printing process for premium products. At the same time, material and energy costs must be kept low, and rejects must be kept to a minimum. Nothing less than a flawless print result will suffice - printing processes must be as profitable as possible, and ideally, every customer must be completely satisfied. BST provides a comprehensive portfolio for ensuring quality and maximizing productivity in your gravure printing application.



Aside from the printing processes mentioned for food packaging, there are also special requirements for the quality and composition of the printed products. In addition to avoiding aesthetic waste, it is critical to avoid errors that could compromise the quality or freshness of the packaged food. For example, in the case of cold sealing, this can be correct and complete application. The solutions cover the entire BST product portfolio as well as highly automated applications. Please contact us.



Web Guiding Systems

BST systems guide the web reliably and precisely in various production processes.


Video Web Monitoring

BST video web monitoring systems monitor your printed web reliably, simply, quickly, and efficiently, even at the highest speeds.


100 % Inspection

BST inspection systems monitor the print for first-class print products, even at the highest web speeds.


Register Control

Register controls ensure that individual colours or coatings meet perfectly for optimal results.


Surface inspection system

BST surface inspection systems detect typical errors in lamination and coating processes right away, every time.


Color measurement

BST supports you in compliance with specified color standards with fully automatic systems for spectral inline color measurement.


Color management

Electronic color controls from BST are optimally adjusted to the needs of offset printers. We set standards in precision, speed, reliability and ease of use.


Automation solution for process optimisation

BST provides efficient solutions for the automation of process sequences to machine builders and users.


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