FRAMEGuide -
Maximum precision in the smallest space


The FRAMEGuide stands out thanks to its incredibly low height. This means that our systems can be optimally integrated into your machine layout, just like the optional motorised sensor adjustment. Fixed and moving parts of the frame are arranged on a single level and thus enable maximum flexibility when installing in your machine. The optimised FRAMEGuide structure enables the greatest possible precision in control. The FRAMEGuide can be used for all installation positions and threadings.

Customer benefit & USP

Incredibly low height, thus space-saving web guiding control

Reliable and high-precision web guiding 

Effective minimisation of paper waste and downtimes

All standard edge sensors can be implemented (optical or ultrasonic)

Individual design

Optional possibilities for data exchange (advanced)

Perfect for these industries

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"We at BST are particularly proud of the design of the FRAMEGuide. This not only enables the smallest possible installation height, but also maximum guiding accuracy. The modular product structure also makes the system future-proof and flexibly expandable."

Ingo Ellerbrock, Head of Product Management

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