BST SEPERATINGControl - high-precision electrode geometry guaranteed


BST SEPERATINGControl precisely measures all quality-related geometric parameters of individual electrodes after separation. Precise, high-resolution matrix camera technologies are used in all applications. BST SEPERATINGControl’s open interfaces make it easy to integrate into any machine or connect to other BST web guiding systems. The closed loop used here adds value to the aforementioned production process. The intuitive, web-based user interface also provides a live image of the electrode currently being measured.

Customer benefits

Precise, reliable in-line geometric measurement prevents unnecessary production downtime

Measurement is carried out as material is fed in - there is no need to stop the material

Results of electrode measurement are used to adjust the target position and realign the cutting tool (laser, for example)

Display of real-time measurement data and live image during the production process assures the operator that the process is safe and secure

Absolute measurement makes manual offset corrections unnecessary

Basic system for future closed-loop applications in the separating or cell assembly process

Ideal for the following industries

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“BST SEPERATINGControl, in combination with the FRAMEGuide and the separating tool, helps you achieve the highest possible precision in electrode geometry in a replicable way.”

Klaus Hamacher, New Business Development

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