Web-Guiding actuators: outstanding position control for every need


Electromotive web-guiding actuators correct the position of the material web precisely and almost instantaneously. The actuators are implemented everywhere where very quick reactions to changes in the web position are necessary. The actuator can be connected directly to the control unit. The ready-to-go construction allows for quick, maintenance-free and inexpensive installation, which is also advantageous in the retrofit of existing systems.

Customer benefit & USP

Low-wear direct current motors

Ball screw spindle drives, for high durability and minimal play

Designed for arc-shaped and linear positioning motions

Various sizes possible for positioning distance, positioning strength, and positioning speed

Equipped with position feedback (precise detection of the current position of the actuator) and an electronic limit switch


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"BST web guiding systems are characterized by reliable technology and "plug and play" connection.  The only thing we need is a web to be controlled and a power supply, and it works. Of course, our systems meet international standards for worldwide operation."

Ingo Ellerbrock, Head of Product Management

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