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BST provides a comprehensive range of quality assurance services for all processing applications. Only a flawless print can aid in the completion of subsequent processing steps with the best results. To accomplish this, material webs must be precisely introduced into the cutting process, printing defects must be accurately indicated, and perforation positions must be reliably identified. The continuity of the workflow must be ensured to ensure efficient work. Above all, however, the following holds true: The finished printed product must be always flawless. We have the solutions – Perfecting your Performance.



Our solutions for quality assurance in coating include the areas of web guiding, layer thickness & basis weight measurement and surface inspection with BST iPQ-Surface.


Our solutions support you with a complete range of quality assurance services in all processing applications - and thus ensure, in the area of slitting, for example, that material webs are introduced into cutting processes with precision.


We offer you impressive winding solutions along the entire line, including web guidance, web monitoring / 100% control and the guarantee of a smooth workflow.

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