iPQ-Surface - High end surface inspection systems


BST iPQ Surface is a reliable high-end surface inspection system that can be customized to meet your needs. The modular structure of the system ensures that the best solution is always provided for your application and installation situation. The system enables continuous inspection of the material web, even across a wide range of materials such as film inspection, cold seal inspection, and paper inspection.

Our iPQ-Surface inspection system provides and in-depth analysis of your material, revealing imperfections beyond the capacity of the human eye. For example, it can identify minute defects that are challenging for humans to detect, yet substantial enough to pose potential short-and-long-term damage to the product.

For various processes ranging from extrusion, coating, paper production, and printing presses to solutions for all process steps of cell production for battery and fuel cell, iPQ-Surface stands out as the optimal choice. Detecting defects before they reach customers is vital, surpassing mere customer retention. A high-quality surface inspection system not only enhances production efficiency, but also minimizes manufacturing costs and reduces waste by eliminating flawed products.

Customer benefit & USP

Top quality

Minimal waste

Reduced production costs

Short set-up times

Simple and intuitive operation

Increased productivity

Documented quality reports

Perfect for these industries

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"What's special about an iPQ-Surface system from BST? The optimal combination of the individual components. This creates the best solution for your individual application. Flexible, modular and above all demand-optimized - in other words 100 % thought ahead."

Jan Jostmeier, Product Manager

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