iPQ-View – Sophisticated digital web monitoring with maximum control for maximum quality

BST provides a powerful tool for digital web monitoring in the printing process with iPQ-View. Based on print image displays in excellent image quality, the user can make sound decisions on optical quality assurance. 
The BST iPQ-View is a component of the iPQ-Center, a modular product line for central control of numerous quality assurance functions. The simple operating concept reduces reaction times and frees up the user's time for other tasks. iPQ-View is an appealing, multifunctional tool for quality assurance thanks to a wide range of standard functions and equipment options.

Customer benefit & USP

Excellent image quality increases security in making decisions

Shortened reaction times reduce waste

Intuitive operation using gesture control

Modularity keeps investment costs low

Sustainable expandability makes your investment safe for the future

Increased customer satisfaction

Perfect for this industry

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The iPQ-View leaves nothing to be desired in terms of image quality and range of functions and enables full print image control. As part of the iPQ Center, the system can also be changed quickly from one user interface.

Volker Reinholdt, Product Manager

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