Nonwoven - Top quality for hygienically demanding applications


Nonwoven materials are primarily used to manufacture hygiene products such as nappies, sanitary towels, surgical masks, hoods, gloves, and bags. BST's solutions provide a comprehensive set of services for quality assurance in all nonwoven applications. These necessitate precise web navigation, precise results, clear analyses, dependable error detection, and efficient customer service.


Web guiding systems

Web guiding systems from BST create optimal conditions for the processing of nonwoven materials. They are available in various sizes and are individually configurable. The BST ECOGuide and BST COMPACTGuide are particularly suitable for narrow material webs and cost-sensitive production conditions.

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Surface inspection

In order to ensure the flawless function of hygiene products such as nappies or medical masks, material surfaces that are free of damage or inclusions are required, in addition to a material web that is precisely guided at all times. This is a task for the BST iPQ-Surface surface inspection system.

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The production and processing of nonwoven materials places special demands on the longevity of systems and components. As the largest supplier of web guiding and quality assurance systems, we have taken on this task and successfully solved it. Our systems are protected against contamination by dust and the like, without any restrictions in functions.

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