Combined expertise for high-precision web guiding in the battery and fuel cell industry

The demand for battery and fuel cells is booming - at the same time, the need for high-quality manufacturing solutions for efficient, safe and cost-effective production is increasing. The basic prerequisite for this is 100 percent precise web guiding. In order to drive forward development in this field, the leading full-service provider for quality assurance systems BST and the renowned roller manufacturer INOMETA are now pooling their technical expertise in a strategic cooperation. The common goal: to merge their respective core competencies - web guiding and the manufacture of web guide rollers - into a high-performance unit and thus create the best possible conditions for battery and fuel cell production.

Perfect match for high-precision web guiding in battery and fuel cell production: BST's FRAMEGuide Pro with wear-resistant CFRP rollers from INOMETA.

The foundation stone has been laid. Jörg Westphal (VP Business Unit Flexible Materials BST) and Christof Schotten (Managing Director INOMETA) have agreed to further combine the expertise of both companies in the future.

When the contract was signed on November 10, the two technology leaders from East Westphalia were already looking back on a trusting business relationship: INOMETA's high-precision rollers have been used in BST web guiding systems for several years. The cooperation agreement between the companies now lays the foundation for an intensive collaboration that will incorporate more than 100 years of combined experience and innovative spirit. Ingo Ellerbrock, Product Manager for web guiding systems at BST, is looking forward to the cooperative project with determination: "With the joint development of web guide rollers that are specially tailored to the high requirements of battery and fuel cell production, BST and INOMETA will perfect the precision and quality of web guiding systems in the industry and thus generate real added value for manufacturers and users."

Web guide roller and web guiding system: the perfect match for perfect production results

The cutting-edge components that ensure maximum quality standards in BST's web guiding systems include rollers from the manufacturer INOMETA. Integrated into BST's guiding systems, they ensure optimum guidance of the web. The quality and precision of the rollers has a direct impact on the quality of the web run - perfect interaction between the roller and web guiding system is therefore an essential factor for a reliable and flawless end product. To produce highly sensitive substrates in battery and fuel cell manufacturing, the quality criteria of the web guide rollers in terms of accuracy, material and web tension are many times higher than in other areas. Stephan Palenga, Sales Manager at INOMETA, knows the specific requirements of the field inside out: "The battery industry faces the challenge of finding scalable production solutions to minimize the scrap rate in the long term. INOMETA has many years of industry experience in the production and development of solutions for the transport of ultra-thin substrates, such as separator films, as well as unique expertise in the production of customized functional surfaces for technical rollers. We can draw on this know-how in our joint product development with BST."  

Innovation through cooperation

The cooperation between BST and INOMETA is more than just a business relationship - it is a collaboration between two companies that are pooling their innovative strength to jointly set new standards in battery and fuel cell production. Ingo Ellerbrock sees enormous potential for the entire industry in this collaboration: "Battery and fuel cell production is a rapidly growing field of technology and will become increasingly important in the future. By working together with INOMETA, we are not only strengthening our position as a technology leader, but also offering our customers tailored web guiding solutions for the challenges of the battery industry - thus creating the perfect conditions for hundreds of thousands first-class products."

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