Enhancing Efficiency and Quality Control: Helvetikett AG implements BST TubeScan Inspection Systems and SMARTData QLink Workflow.

Helvetikett AG, a leading Swiss label printer renowned for its commitment to premium quality, has started to implement 100% print inspection workflow in its production site. TubeScan digital strobe systems have been installed on selected printing and rewinding machines and connected via SMARTData QLink, the workflow solution by BST. This is a significant leap towards automated workflow and standardized quality across all operations.

BST / Nyquist’s Oleksandr Shchyniatskyi, Stephan Krebs and Helvetikett’s Pascal Stieger at the installation site.

“We have used 100% print inspection for many years. However, the management of separate systems across various production machines posed challenges in maintaining efficiency and uniform quality levels,“ states Bernd Dehm, Head of Technology & Innovation at Helvetikett AG. "Automation is essential for profitability, particularly in a high-wage country like Switzerland. The integration of TubeScan inspection systems not only improves efficiency but also optimizes resource utilization, aligning with our commitment to sustainability." Pascal Stieger, Head of Quality at Helvetikett AG, emphasizes the significance of this investment: "Our objective is to achieve seamless coordination and oversight of our production, ensuring consistent quality across all operations. The integration of BST TubeScan inspection systems, coupled with BST SMARTData QLink, empowers us to optimize workflow efficiency and uphold stringent quality standards."  

The supplier shares in the excitement. Stephan Krebs, Product Manager at BST/Nyquist Systems, expresses their enthusiasm: “It is a pleasure to do business with a customer who is committed to the highest levels of quality and innovation. The integration of TubeScan inspection systems with BST SMARTData QLink reflects our shared dedication to enhancing efficiency and quality control.“

About Helvetikett AG 
Helvetikett AG is a leading Swiss label printing company known for its commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. With cutting-edge technology and a team of highly qualified professionals, Helvetikett AG supplies demanding customers in various industries with customized solutions and premium products.

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