Overview, detailed vision, efficiency: BST poised to establish groundbreaking benchmarks at Labelexpo 2023

Bielefeld, July 2023 - BST TubeScan Eagle View offers 100 % web inspection plus tenfold magnifier web viewing function of particularly sensitive areas such as register marks, print screens or RFID applications. One notable highlight of the inspection system is the high-resolution 5 megapixel matrix camera. In addition to this unrivaled system, BST will showcase a range of other innovative solutions from the complete TubeScan family in realistic production environments for packaging and label printing at Labelexpo Europe 2023. Another highlight is the anticipated new graphical user interface, which boasts a sleek and modern design while maintaining an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Job change “on the fly” prevents machine stops and maximizes productivity. It enables the implementation of solutions from prepress specialist Hybrid Software.

At Labelexpo Europe 2023, BST will present TubeScan Eagle View in compact dimensions with 100% inspection and tenfold magnification web viewing function for particularly sensitive areas. The outstanding feature is the high-resolution detail viewing by a 5 megapixel matrix camera.

The latest TubeScan Eagle View introduces a picture-in-picture display feature that provides a detailed view down to 14µm, allowing visualization of the dot screen.

Even with over 2,700 successful installations of the reliable TubeScan systems on printing and converting machines globally, the manufacturer has taken a significant leap forward in their latest endeavor. The redesign of the TubeScan product family sets new benchmarks in camera resolution, faster setup and easier operation. These features give printers greater control over their production processes and increase efficiency. "Our quality assurance systems are optimized in every way to meet the diverse needs of the people who use them. These are, on the one hand, the print shop operators with their economic interests and, on the other hand, the people who operate the machines," explains Dr. Stephan Krebs, inventor and product manager of TubeScan. He continues: "On the one hand, our patented technology helps to reduce makeready times, operating costs, complaints and waste to a minimum, while producing excellent printed products. At the same time, it simplifies process control so that critical events are quickly identified, and response times are reduced through intuitive operation. That's why our innovations focus on the precise recording of print processes, their clear display in real time and intuitive control.” In addition, the compact size of the TubeScan systems allows them to be integrated into almost any press: The space required in web direction is only 125 mm. The modular concept covers web widths from 150 mm to 1,700 mm.

TubeScan Eagle View offers up to 14 μm magnification for video inspection

While 100% inspection uses cameras to inspect the entire web for print defects or register variations, TubeScan Eagle View uses an additional movable, high-resolution matrix camera to zoom in on any section of the web measuring 35 x 25 mm (1.378“ x 0.984“). The maximum pixel resolution of the camera increases from 25 µm to 14 µm – a sharp view that justifies the product name "Eagle View". With this resolution, it is even possible to zoom in on halftone dots or individual inkjet dots while running a maximum web speed of 150 meters per minute. The camera responsible for detailed viewing effortlessly traverses and can be positioned with exceptional precision over the web, thanks to the user-friendly touch monitor interface. In addition, all TubeScan illumination options are available: For example, 100% inspection can be performed under white light, while the UV light illumination can be utilized by the traversing camera for viewing individual print elements with luminescent ink.

New graphical user interface: touch navigation. Picture-in-picture zoom

The Eagle View, as well as all other members of the TubeScan family, now come with a completely redesigned graphical user interface, meticulously designed and optimized for ease of use. New settings have been introduced for defect classifications and defect tolerances. The utilization of the matrix camera enables real-time display of the repeat overview. Details are displayed in a convenient picture-in-picture format on the monitor allowing for effortless control and navigation through intuitive finger gestures. This makes it easy to navigate the detail camera to the desired area in the repeat. In addition to the picture-in-picture display, the detail camera image can also be displayed on a separate monitor for maximum enlargement and convenient observation. With the introduction of the new TubeScan Eagle View comes an improved roll report with event history and defect images, as well as a clear defect gallery.

Smart control allows dynamic job change in real time

An additional breakthrough in the TubeScan family is the capability to dynamically change jobs, in conjunction with the Nyquist QLink workflow, as a crucial component of the BST SMARTData concept. "This option is groundbreaking," says Krebs. "It allows for printing multiple jobs on one roll. TubeScan automatically detects the new job and retrieves the corresponding master in real time, without stopping the machine for inspection.” HYBRID Software's prepress solutions can also be implemented here enabling significant time savings and waste reduction benefits. The simplifications begin with system setup: Synchronization of the printing cylinder repeat can be done via an existing gear wheel or print mark sensor, or can be purely software-controlled. This eliminates the need for external trigger sensors.

Checking variable data such as barcodes or serial numbers

At Labelexpo, BST will also be demonstrating inline inspection of variable bar codes and alphanumeric strings. TubeScan inspects, decodes and evaluates the variable codes or strings – at constant machine speed and simultaneous print inspection. This eliminates duplicate, unreadable or incorrect codes.


The BST TubeScan family offers many new features that enhance daily production, streamlining operations, minimizing waste and increasing quality. For exceptionally demanding jobs, the BST TubeScan family offers high-precision video monitoring through an additional traversing matrix camera, ensuring the utmost security.

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